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Career Woman

Hello Love Guru,

My case is different and i need to hear from you about it.

I am 42yrs of age, a female manager at a bank in Lagos. I currently have two houses, 3 expensive cars and a profitable side business. Problem is that i am single and the more success i have it’s very difficult to have a relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, i can have multiple men to fill my bed, there are hundreds of sugarboys trying their best to catch me, even Alhajis and older wealthy men are all interested in getting me.

I am surrounded by all these men but none of them is right for me or good for me and none of them want what i want or can give me what i need. They are either married, broke, a male gigolo, too young, too old, too ritualistic, too dumb, no ambition, an opportunist or a gold digger. With my age and status, lack of a proper social life and workaholism, how can i meet a reasonable, a good and relationship worthy man?

I really need this help and please don’t tell me to go and find a man in church.

Thank you


3 thoughts on “Career Woman

  1. Hello Lady,
    Your case is quite common and not as hard as you think.
    The first thing you need to do is ask yourself…”What do i want?”
    Once you realize what you want then it simplifies the situation.
    If you want someone smart to talk business with
    If you want someone sweet to pamper you and buy you things
    If you want someone to satisfy your sexual needs
    If you want someone to accompany you, looking good as an arm candy
    If you want someone to just keep you company.
    There are different types of men to fulfill these needs and you can take your pick from the list of men you mentioned in your post.
    On the other hand, if you want a man that is himself with all of his shortcomings, his passion, desire and baggage. A man who will love you to the best of his ability and opportunity given to him; a man you don’t expect to change for you and be true to himself. A man that accepts all of you with ALL of your shortcomings and sees you worthy.
    That man is closer to you than you think. He is around you, sees you often, happy to help out whenever he can, probably calls you “Ma” or “Madam” and wishes everyday he sees you that you can “SEE” him.
    How will you know? Well take a good look around you, you will see that man who’s always had your back, standing quietly and smiling at you, probably too afraid to tell you how he feels.
    Remember, love is a choice we make, its not deceptive, its not obsessive, it does not lie or manipulate.
    Going to a church to look for a husband is a wrong move because there are more demons there than saints.
    Look around you and when you see him, give him the opportunity to tell you what he’s always wished he could tell you. Strip down all of the material things and societal dictates and see this man for who he truly is. If you can accept him then your case is solved.
    I hope I’ve helped.

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