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Do you stand with homosexuality or against it.

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  1. Hello John,
    Your question is bold and “Politically Offensive”
    In my humble opinion, homosexuality is a choice. The person identified as such may not realize that its a choice. Attraction to both sexes is innate to every human with a predominance to the opposite sex due to the primitive and innate desire to reproduce.
    Influence, triggers, desire, social bondage and a lot of our external factors and attributes contribute to making this choice.
    The question is… Is this choice bad??
    My answer is… No!
    Every human person should be allowed to choose whom to love or or have sex with, religion or just the basic need to survive.
    So if they choose to copulate with the same sex, its their choice and they should be allowed to do so.
    Looking at it from the point of view of religion or society or even my personal preference, then my answer is different. If my religion forbids homosexuality, then that’s my belief based on my religion but i do not insist that others follow if they don’t choose to. If my personal values and morals forbids it, then that’s my own judgement and nobody should be deprived of their basic rights because of that.
    I hope i have answered your question John and i’ll love to see another point of view.

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