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Can a man love more than one woman at a time?

They say love guru abi? Ok.

I met this guy 2 years ago and we had a mad connection, not too long things got physical. We were happy but after a short time, he says he has a girl friend. My mind is he is mad and i told him to break up with her. Instead he invited me to his place one day and she was there, he introduced me to her and told her that he’s been sleeping with me. I expected her to be angry but she just gave me a bad look and walked away, back to the parlor, watching TV.

Long story short, this dude claims to be a polyamorist, a man who have several love relationships at the same time. Right now i can’t break up with him because he is like my perfect man and he is very caring, generous and knows how to work it down there. Right now he has introduced me to 3 other women as his girlfriend and i am tired.

Please love guru, what should i do? Talk some sense into my head abegbecause me i want to get married oo.


3 thoughts on “Can a man love more than one woman at a time?

  1. Hello Ronke,
    A poly armorist is not well defined in this part of the world but it is popular due to our polygamous culture. Based on your story, your decision is entirely up to you. If you see yourself in a polygamous marriage then you should have not problem with your relationship. This man in question has openly defined himself and told you who he is and what he wants, it is pointless to try and change him.
    Bottom line is: If you don’t mind other women sharing his bed, then you should be fine with him, just learn to prioritize. But if you want him monogamous, then you are in the wrong relationship and its better to cut off now than waste any more years on him and a pointless relationship. Sex is over rated and can is a skill that can be learned.
    All the best to you
    Your Love Guru

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